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Huge Week of Investing!

What an incredible week of investing! This week I spent some wonderful time making some huge deposits. I have watched as my account has grown bigger...not my bank love account! That's right, I've been investing in people. This week was peppered with a plethora of meetings and conversations. It was awesome! It feels great when there is so much activity happening around me! I am surrounded by an amazing group of people that want to use all that is in them to serve the Lord. And I am serving Him right there beside them. Together we are building people. When you build great people, you build a great church. And whenever you build there will always arise situations where things can become confusing and the plans can be hard to read. I have found that in order to keep a project moving forward, you must stay connected to the people you are building with.
This week I spent some time thinking about The Landing and the way that we began. We rented out a room at a technology center and started to fellowship and learn the Word of God together. There was no manual...just some people that loved God and wanted to serve Him together. Back then it was just a handful. Today there are many people joining their arms and hearts together to do something beautiful and become beautiful doing it! To keep that happening and going to the next level, it will take investing. Spending time with people, talking, teaching, praying and loving them through the difficult seasons.
I have a much clearer understanding of deposits today than I ever had before. I have needed to make some huge withdrawals in my first 7 years as the Pastor of The Landing and those would have been impossible if I had not made some huge deposits earlier.
Who are you investing in today? Are you helping those around you not make the same mistakes you did by passing on your experience and the life lessons that you have weathered? Investing in others pays huge dividends for YOU! Make some deposits today and watch YOUR love account increase!