The bible says that a merry heart does good like a medicine. I have a picture in my house with Jesus laughing. I like to think of him enjoying life and smiling and laughing out loud. Every time I look at that picture I smile. When was he last time you laughed out loud?
I was spending a nice quiet Saturday afternoon at my home getting ready to watch a movie and I had just gotten myself a big bowl of chips and a large glass of tea. I was so excited to have a break and ready to enjoy my snack and a movie. As I sat down in my recliner and leaned back the back of the recliner broke! I fell backwards and found myself pelted by a bowl of chips and drenched by a large iced tea! I was trapped in the middle of a broken chair, stuck on the floor and unable to do anything but laugh out loud! It really was hilarious. I picked myself back up, cleaned up the mess, all except for the chips that my dog Midnight ate, and just kept laughing at how funny that was and what that might have looked like. I have gotten very good at laughing at the crazy things I do and the strange things that happen to me.
We've got to be willing to laugh at ourselves sometimes because it does a body good. It's good medicine to laugh out loud. Find yourself a funny story today or just think about something you have done that was really funny. Then LOL!

P.S. On Sunday my church surprised me by having my broken recliner replaced while I was away from homeg. I came home and found my old broken recliner in the garage and a new one in the house, ready for another bowl of chips and large tea. Only this time, no chips for Midnight! They are all for me! I thank the Lord for such a great church that not only laughs with me but gives me a great place to sit and laugh at myself.


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