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What's Your Story?

This week at The Landing we did a run through of our latest endeavor: we call it C4 which stands for Community Cell Church Connections. We have been in a series called What's Your Story?" and thinking about what our life would be like if it were a movie. Who would be cast in each role, where would the filming take us and what will this movie say about us? It's been quite an exercise for all of us. So many folks have a great trailer but it really is not reflective of their movie(life). I've seen some great trailers and then left the movie within the first half hour because it was clear that all of the best scenes were in the trailer!
As I asked each person what movie best reflected their life we had answers like "The Notebook", "It's a Wonderful Life" and "National Velvet" to "Gran Torino" and "The Wizard of Oz". What we started to realize is how much we start to act like those things we see and hear. Art imitates life, or does life imitate art? Our take away was that we hoped our movie(life) would not go straight to video but rather would be a major theatrical release: having impact for Christ upon the world!
What's your story? Are you making a movie that will be worth watching? Will folks stick around to see the credits and see that it was all done to the glory of God? Are you connected to a smaller group of folks that love you and want to know you better? Pay attention to your characters and the scenes that you are writing in. You may need to do some editing and write out some people or drop some scenes. Your life really does tell a story...make it something special: let your light shine so that everyone may see your good works and glorify God!