Today is my 500th blog entry! 500 cups of inspiration, greetings and wishes, humor and real life stories. To all of you that stop by and take a sip, and share with me your comments let me say thank you! I am a big believer in encouragement and inspiration. We need more and more people to tell us something good. It's why I read the Bible because it is the Good News that God has given to us...it gives me inspiration when I need it and brings me hope when I feel hopeless.

Sunday morning I was in what I would call an "anointing" service. People were being prayed for and "anointed" with oil at The Landing. It symbolizes a setting apart of that individual for special service or a specific calling that God has placed on their life.
You may remember that when Samuel in the Old Testament found David, he "anointed" him to be king. It was then that the Spirit of God came upon David and he was empowered and equipped to do some miraculous things! David was the youngest son that Jesse had. He was a shepherd and probably not the one that drew the most attention. But God looks for something that man cannot see. Today, if you know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, YOU have that something special in you! You can do anything that you can imagine. Your going to dream anyway so DREAM BIG! Shoot for the stars! Don't let anyone or anything discourage you! You can do what God has planned for you!

I have been blessed and feel extremely fortunate to be able to share a cup of joe with you every day. We are even working on a televised version of Cup of Joe that should air on cable in Tulsa this month! I pray that God continues to help us grow together and that He keeps showing up strong in every situation and lifting us up when the world tries to keep us down. So here's to the first 500...may He keep pouring it out for all of us to enjoy!


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