Do You Have CSSD?

How good are you at handling disappointment? Bad news is never easy to take. But unfortunately, if we are going to live in this world we are promised something...trouble! Jesus said it himself in John 16: "in this world you would have trouble." One translation calls it tribulation. To me that's just a fancy word for trouble that lasts a long, long time!
The Greek word for tribulation gives it even more meaning. It's pressure, stress and anguish. It's also described as crushing, squashing, squeezing distress or what I call CSSD. Maybe you have CSSD today. You're not alone! Rest assured that there is a cure.
Jesus concluded his statement by telling us to "be of good cheer" because He had already conquered tribulation. He already provided a way through the storm. You can overcome that crushing, squashing, squeezing distress!
Beat CSSD today with CHRIST!


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