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Growing in the Knowledge...

Another characteristic of “living the life” is growing in the knowledge of God. Notice that key word, “growing” in the verse. Growing in knowledge…not just any knowledge but rather the knowledge of God. If I want to get to know how a person thinks what do I have to do? How do you get to really know somebody? Since most of my life was spent in the entertainment industry my answer to that question is this: read their bio...spend time with them...ask them questions...and listen to their answers.
To get to know the knowledge of God and how He thinks I read His bio, the Bible. I spend time with Him through prayer. I consistently ask Him questions and then listen to how He answers.

You know that one of the problems with the church in our country today is that we are undernourished but we are overfed. There is plenty of food being passed around out there but not much of it has substance. We need to be fed properly so that we can stay spiritually healthy and in turn bear fruit. We continue to grow by giving away what we learn to help others. Don’t underestimate the value of just being in an environment where learning and good teaching is happening. Oftentimes we can glean wisdom by just being connected to wise people in wise settings. There is a certain level of spillover. The growing part comes as we start to use what we have heard and seen and learned.

So how do we know if we are growing in the knowledge of the Lord? Read verse 11 of Colossians 1:
11being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might
You will actually feel stronger…in faith…in word…and in deeds. You will step out in faith more because more of the Word is being heard and that faith comes by hearing… You will change the environment around you rather than letting the environment dictate what is going on. It’s all because of HIS glorious might…divine intervention and divine assurance…moving you to the places you need to be to communicate to the people you need to be with. The ALL power is HIS glorious might. In HIM we live and move and have our being. In Christ IS our hope…I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ!

So are you growing today?