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Life in Tulsa

The 17th verse of Colossians 3 which we have been reading for the last 2 days says, "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

Every thing we do is significant. Every meeting, every lunch appointment, every friendly cup of joe. Why? Because they are all part of the steps of our lives that are being ordered by the Lord. So whatever you do, whether in conversation or in your actions, do it all for God's glory and give Him thanks.
Yesterday I had the wonderful experience of doing some taping for a new local television program called "Life in Tulsa" that begins in a couple of weeks. I've met some new friends and have had so many wonderful conversations about what life is really like in this city I call home. I have heard some of their dreams and enjoyed some of their memories. I can see more vividly now how important people are to this "mix" called LIFE and how God needs all of us to do what we are designed to do in order to bring about what He intended. He brings us together so we can feel valuable and do valuable things. To know I am part of this TV team makes me feel great. To know I am part of God's team, well that is something very special!

As you go through this long holiday weekend, the one that retires white dress shoes and is the prelude to another year of education for the kids, take a moment to just say thanks to the One that makes the journey possible. Use your words wisely and make your actions count. Do everything for the glory of God and say thank you for the blessings and favor you receive. Personally, I want to thank the Lord for these new friends I have made and a wonderful project I am honored to be a part of that will help keep people in this city informed about special events and the extraordinary people that make this town great!