Believe it!

I remember Jesus telling Peter and the disciples once about speaking to the mountains in their life and they would be cast into the sea.(Mark 11:23) Have faith in God is what he told them. But there was a condition on that mountain in the sea thing. They could not doubt in their heart. In other words they had to actually BELIEVE the prayers that they were praying and know that FAITH in God could do anything.
The life of a believer is one where we believe it and then see it. As followers of Christ we have a divinely planted inward confidence and assurance that the God who created us is reliable. It's that instinct that allows us to believe first. To the world, seeing is believing. That does not take faith and that is a breeding ground for more and more doubt. Doubt disables your faith. It disengages you from the process of healing, deliverance and blessing. If you can remove ALL doubt, you can speak to anything that hinders you and it will be gone. Believe it! It won't be long until you see it! FAITH is the key that releases the resources of heaven into every situation.


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