Every trip has them...crossroads. Others call them intersections. It's that place where one road crosses through another going in different directions. Life too has crossroads. Intersections where decisions must be made. Though many of life's crossroads might be simple and easy to navigate, there are those forks in the road where your decision will launch you on to a place of no return.
Our decisions will determine our destination. It's not in life's chances but in it's choices that happiness comes to the human heart.
Many people just run right through intersections and find themselves on dead end roads. Others take turns that put them on a track that they never imagined. And still others sit at the intersection, unable to make a decision and end up going nowhere.
So if every decision produces a destination, the question today is what choice will you make? Life is filled with tough choices. Prayer can help us not only to decide, but to make a choice with absolute peace, knowing that ALL things can work out for good because we serve the Lord. Once you make a decision, you empower the Lord to work on your behalf to help you move on down the road.
Maybe you are at a crossroads today. In your marriage...your job...your spiritual journey. God is waiting to give you grace to help navigate the way. Ask and you will receive. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path!


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