Drop it Like it's Hot

In Isaiah we are reminded that when we wait upon the Lord we can renew our strength. We can also "mount up with wings like the eagle." The eagles wing span can stretch to nearly seven feet! Their appearance is quite majestic when they are caught in flight. But their awesome flight ability does not come easy. The eaglet finds itself in comfortable surroundings for many weeks until the mother eagle determines that it is time to leave the nest. Mom stirs up the nest by flapping her wings making it very uncomfortable to help them move towards leaving. Maybe you've done that with your 23 year old too!
When it is time to learn how to fly the mother scoops up the eaglet and soars high above the terrain. As the little eaglet is enjoying this new perspective, suddenly the momma drops them off of her back. Imagine this little eaglet while in a free fall thinking, "hey, what's that all about!", "I'm going to die!". As the eaglet draws closer and closer to a pile of feathers on the ground, the mother eagle swoops in and picks up her little baby. Then she soars high above the hills and in a few short moments...she does it again! You're kidding me! The eaglet says, "what's wrong with you?" "Don't you care about me?" After a few passes and watching momma drop it like its hot, the eaglet realizes something on its side. On the left and on the right there is a wing! They have a wing too! They start flapping and flapping and soon they are soaring high above creation, just as they were created to.

Sometimes we have to be dropped before we learn the potential that we really have. The eaglet had the power to fly all the time but would not have found out had they not been put in a tough situation. You may tend to think that when your life is in a free fall that nobody cares and even wonder how a loving God could allow this to happen. Consider that it's time for you to rise up to a new level...to fly higher. So the next time your employer drops you, look for your wings! The next time you are dropped from a relationship, imaging God using this to bring out your hidden talents. Though life can drop you, don't let it stop you!
In the words of one of my favorite 80's bands, REO Speedwagon, I do believe its TIME FOR ME TO FLY!


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