Monday, da,ba da da da...

I would bet that if I took a poll across this country, the majority of people would not be thrilled about Mondays. Monday always gets a bad rap because to comes after a thrilling two days off. We call that the week end. Everybody looks forward to the weekend. What if we could change our perception a bit and look at the awesome possibility of Monday? Its the beginning of the week! So many possibilities and opportunities are juts waiting out there for us to seize.
We often look at things backwards. In Jeremiah 29, God's people were carried from Jerusalem to Babylon. They were isolated and separated from society-they called it exile- and God brought them there. Of course they were there because of the decisions that they were making. They needed to be regrouped and reprogrammed. Fact is this was the first ever TIME-OUT and it was a huge one! God was going to keep these folks in this place for 70 years and then He would be able to take them back to where they could have been all along.
God told them that even in exile they could prosper. Build house, plant gardens, increase...pray for the peace of the city and you will see some great growth. Maybe you feel like you are in exile every Monday morning. You go to the office reluctantly and without excitement. It's time to change your perception. This is the first day of the work week and you could be involved in some amazing things this week. Start building and settle down. Plant some seeds so that you can reap a harvest. Increase is coming. Pray for your office, your neighborhood and you family. Don't spend 70 years in TIME-OUT! It's Monday!!! I'm OUT!
Don't let your exile be your exit!


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