Train Yourself!

In 1 Timothy 4:7,8 it tells us to have nothing to do with godless myths in these last days. Don’t be swayed by the increasing amount of old wives tales. BUT rather, TRAIN yourself to be godly. People are believing some crazy things these days! In order to be able to make wise choices and take the right path, we need to stay in a learning mode. We need to keep on training.
Think about your training techniques today. Are you learning everything you know from the experience of others rather than having experiences of your own? I am always amazed when I talk to people that believe what they do about life, love and God simply by the things they have observed in others. Some have chosen to believe in God and practice that belief a certain way simply because mom and dad did. They have what I call "inherited learning". It's important to explore and understand for yourself. You and I need to learn how to train ourselves.
Training ourselves to be godly will require some reading of godly literature. The best way to learn about God is to read the words that He inspired and preserved for thousands of years. The Bible is still the blueprint. But you and I have to apply these biblical exercises into our workout routine in order to be able to develop into a strong spiritual being.
You can stop being swayed by frivolous ideas and superficial notions. Train yourself to be godly!
You have been created in God's image!
IMAGE: I M A God Enthusiast!


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