Black Friday is madness!

Now don't get mad at me if you are a Black Friday supporter. I guess this won't bother you anyway cause you won't read are at the mall! Many people are after what they believe to be "unbelievable sales". Stores offer a "crazy" deal to get you into the store. And though they only have a few of those, there hope is that while you are there you will buy something else, even if you miss the "crazy" sale. When catching a mouse we use this same philosophy with cheese and a mouse trap!
I am always amazed by the publicity and hype that comes regarding Black Friday. To imagine camping out in order to get a laptop computer seems strange to me. 57 million people will go shopping today and I am certain that this makes the retailers happy. In our town, one lady even went into labor while waiting in line! Now that's madness!

We have all been very frugal with our income and our spending this year. It appears that we may be turning our economy around. And we want the best possible deal on all of the things that we must have for Christmas! I get that. But what if we were to treat this Friday like every other one. Sleep in, enjoy time with the family and send the retailers a message. Tell them that you will buy on your terms not theirs! I know, I'm on a soap box! But I think that if we stayed away from the stores on this weekend, there would be even more prices dropping for ALL of us. You, the shopper, has the power so don't forget that!

On a positive note, whatever you do with Black Friday, just be safe and act like the faith-filled believer you are. The Lord is watching over you and will direct you to the people and places you need to be. Turn the madness into gladness! Have a blessed weekend!


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