A Defining Moment

This is a week to practice the thanks-living lifestyle I have been studying about. As I read the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 yesterday at The Landing, I was reminded of the power of thanksgiving. He was about to be invaded by a large army of adversaries and in the midst of this defining moment, he prayed. Others may have quit and walked away but He asked God what to do and he stayed focused. The end result was an army of priests that went out before his army praising God and then a choir that learned an 8 word song and sand it from the top of their lungs: praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever! This thanksgiving brought about the annihilation of ALL of those that were against Jehoshaphat. In fact, it took them 3 days to carry away the things that God provided for them in this divine ambush.
Life is filled with moments that will define you or deflate you. This weekend, I was experienced such a moment as a fellow Tulsa minister passed away; his life taken prematurely by lymphoma. Pastor Billy Joe Daughtery of Victory Christian Center was only 57 years old and I was angered by the fact that someone so young who was doing such good things was taken from us so unexpectedly. As a minister, though conflicted over this news, I knew that God orchestrates all of our steps and our stops. The moment defined me as I remembered the wonderful opportunity I had this year to be somewhat involved with his ministry and some new television programs called "360Life: A look at faith from every angle". I thanked the Lord for some moments to watch this wonderful man of God in his element, speak with him, and experience what many of his followers already knew: this was a true man of God. Pastor Daugherty was the real deal!
Today, from the canopy of heaven, Billy Joe sees a new angle of faith that I have not yet realized. He has truly gone full circle. One day, we will all have the chance to come full circle...ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and if we have done all we can do, we will hear the words that he heard early Sunday morning: well done, well done!
Don't let life's sudden disappointments and tragedies deflate you: let these supernatural moments define you. God worked out a wonderful plan for Billy Joe ands God has something very special for YOU as well. Keep your chin up, your eyes fixed on Jesus and run this human race in such a way as to win the prize...just like Pastor Daugherty!

May God bless all of the family and friends and may the ministry experience supernatural success as you keep running and fighting for the faith! You are blessed by God for such a time as this!


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