It's a Wonderful Life!

Well, it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yesterday at The Landing we officially opened the Christmas season with our first Christmas Classic: a sermon based on the movie "It’s a Wonderful Life!" It’s one of the most watched movies of the holiday season. And it really has a powerful impact and strikes home when you think about it in light of this year’s financial collapse. George Bailey faced some of the same things we are all facing: bank failures, depression and anger all rolled up into one heavy stick that just keeps smacking us on the head! But George had Clarence, his own personal guardian angel. Psalm 91:11 tells us that God put His angels in charge of each of us. Billy Graham thought that to mean that we all have at least two angels assigned to us. Imagine that: you have your own personal divine messenger looking out for your best interest! After falling to the bottom of the barrel, George realized something. In desperation he cried out to heaven and heaven answered! It’s a wonderful life!

Maybe you are facing some challenging circumstances right now. Perhaps you have been abused by life and your future is out of focus. Sometimes just believing that things can be different can help you turn it around. Just thinking about the best outcome can lift up your head. Just say it today: it’s a wonderful life! Don’t let your reality spoil your spirituality! You were made for success and you deserve to live a happy and blessed life. Let the angels of the Lord help you too! One of Clarence last words of wisdom was a simple quote:
“Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.” Look around. You are surrounded by friends that love you. You are connected to a God who gave His only Son so that you could live life…a great life…it’s a wonderful life! Say it out loud…it’s a wonderful life! Now go live it!


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