The "Posse"

"For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11

Billy Graham once said that he thought based on this scripture, that you and I had at least two angels assigned to help us. To picture in my mind that there are two divine presences surrounding me every day, guarding me when necessary and watching over me is quite a comfort. The Bible says they will lift us up, they will keep us from stumbling. Why even if I make an innocent mistake and brush up against something that is harmful, because of this "posse" I will be safe!

One of our "miracle members" at The Landing, Darrell,(rescued from a terrible crash) is being used by God in this season to preach the Good News of the Gospel and wake up people that are spiritually sleepy. A few weeks ago, he was invited to a city about an hour away and was ready to go. Suddenly, a group of folks from the church showed up at the church to caravan to that city and be the "amen corner" for their brother in Christ. Darrell was so excited and when he testified about this incredible night he called them his "posse". Darrell was surrounded by a group of folks whose only mission was to support him, help him and make sure he had everything he needed. A few weeks later we visited a home for folks that were retired and once again, the "posse" was all there! It feels really good to know that we have a "posse"!

Today, we are surrounded by angelic beings that have a mission from over my children and guard them in all their ways. When we start to understand that, we are no longer afraid and timid. We are filled with power, love and sharp minds that make the right choices. The "posse" is summoned when you and I live in God.
Today , if God dwells in us this posse walks with us!


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