Restore Your Soul

PS 23:3 he restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake
Tulsa had a blizzard roll into town on Christmas Eve. It was amazing to watch and even more incredible to drive in! There were eight inches of snow in my backyard and it took me some time before I could carve out a path for my dog to make it to his favorite tree! The things we will do for our "best friend"! I was in the house for three days unable to go anywhere and do anything. At first I was thrilled, then less thrilled and then thrilled again. When I am busy I want to rest and when I can rest I want to be busy...what's the matter with me?
It was then in the middle of that waffling spirit that I made a decision: to use the downtime that I had been given to rest my body and restore my soul. The TV stayed off. There were no noises except for the cracking of the first winter fire. And it was in this moment of peaceful solitude that the Lord refreshed me in every way. I realized that I needed this time and I should take advantage of it. I ventured out today and actually had someone in the store I was in tell me that I looked rested! How cool is that!
Most of you have probably been surrounded by family and friends for the last several days. You may need some "rest". I can tell you today that God can and will restore your soul and guide you into the next season or activity that He has prepared for you. He wants to thrill you, to take you on an incredible journey and when you need it...restore your soul.


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