Fast Forward

Today I begin an annual season of fasting that will last for twenty-one days. Every January, right after I celebrate my birthday, I begin this discipline to bring focus to my mind, my body and my spirit. I enjoy this time immensely because it allows me an opportunity to more intimately connect to my Lord and Savior and in doing so, become much more sensitive to His leading and direction for my year. I've heard people say that "prayer moves the hand of God". If that is the case, fasting moves His fingers!
I always encourage others at The Landing to join me in this season and many of our church participate. We are seeking more of God as we diminish our desires and amplify His. Last year we all did a Daniel Fast which is one utilizing vegetables, water and some nuts or fruit. What happened for each of us was that this season of fasting became a lifestyle of fasting. In fact for 8 months I had no type of meat at all and I felt the best that I have ever felt in my life!
There is no better time to spiritually reboot your body and get rid of its toxins. Toxins not only affect the body but they impact the spirit too. Fasting is about so much more than a simple physical detox. If you feel stuck in neutral or maybe like a computer that just freezes up, perhaps this is the year that you can give up something you desire for something God desires for you. Fasting can move you forward and take you to levels in God that you have never imagined. It all starts with an intentional decision to offer yourself to God...all of yourself! What would you be willing to give up if you knew there were great gains in doing so? Let this be the year YOU fast forward!


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