Frozen Grass

Well it happened again...a significant icing event in, ice, baby! This morning the yard is glazed with a layer of ice. As I walked outside and looked at the impact of the ice the lawn glistens and stands at attention. The ground is so hard that my little dog can walk on top of the grass without breaking it!
Some folks today think of the church like this...they have even named its people the "chosen frozen". The reason is because many times we can be so cold and chilly to others. We appear to them like the frozen blades of grass look to me...still, lifeless and very cold. A church filled with people like this needs to have something warm, something soothing, something like God's Spirit! The Spirit of the Lord is often symbolized in scripture by fire. When His Spirit is flowing in a body of faith-filled people, there is a warmth of fellowship, an aroma of love and the feeling of peace and joy. You can't walk all over a church like that!
As it gets warmer today, this layer of ice is going to go away and the natural feel of my yard will return. You can't do anything with the yard when its frozen: you can't do anything with a church when its frozen either!
So let the SON shine! Let it come out and bring us back to the way we were created to be...fertile ground for new growth! Oh, and help my yard too!


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