Every year at The Landing we have a "keyword" for the year. This word will be the focus and the filter for all of the things that we participate in for the year. The word for 2010 is ILLUMINATE.
PS 18:28For You light my lamp;

The LORD my God illumines my darkness.
Illumination was God's idea. In the beginning He said "let there be light" and there it was! And that light changed everything! There are three things that illumination does. Illumination enhances, enlightens and exposes. Today, let's look at the first thing that it does:ENHANCES its surroundings. Having just come out of the Christmas season you probably saw lights on houses, trees and mantles. It enhanced its surroundings as a decoration. And people love looking at the fact wherever there are lights there are usually people being drawn to them. We drive through neighborhoods and take tours just to see them. Even bugs are drawn to the light!
You are the light of the world.(Matthew 5:14) Your mission is to enhance your light up the areas that you walk into. Your light will always eliminate the darkness for darkness has no power over the light. You can decorate the life of others. Your office, your neighborhood, your church...why you can even light up your home! There's a lot of darkness out are the light! Go light it up!


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