Let Your Light Shine

So far we have looked at two aspects of light: it enhances and it enlightens. The last one I'll give you this week is this: light will also EXPOSE. Everything is made known by the light. Where the light goes there can be no darkness at all. Many times we think we may be getting away with bad behavior by not talking about it and not acknowledging it. When you and I are illuminated by God we realize that this is not a good strategy. What is exposed to us is for our benefit so that we can deal with it and become stronger followers of Christ.
Light should show off all of those godly characteristics that He has embedded in you. But the power of that light is that when people look at it they don’t give you the credit, they give God the glory. Only when we try to OWN what God has provided can this be messed up. People will recognize that God is at work in you, that God is ALL over you and they honor the Lord for that and give Him glory.
Don't try to hide your light. Let it shine. In fact, place it on a lampstand. The higher you lift up the light the farther the light will reach. You are the light. Take that light to the world. Let YOUR light shine! It's time to "illuminate" the darkness!


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