Light up a Room

Yesterday we talked about one of the meanings of the word ILLUMINATE. When you illuminate something you enhance it-you decorate it so that it can bring splendor to all of those that see what it is lighting up. Matthew 5:14 says that you are the light of the world so you should enhance others lives by just being around. Not only does illuminating enhance, it also ENLIGHTENS. When we think of that word we think of revelation...divine knowledge that comes from God to enable us to do specific things. Light brings a level of understanding to the situation and a measure of clarity.
The bottom line is that believers ought to make a remarkable difference in the lives of those that we touch. The environment should be lit up when we are around. Someone once said that we should be thermostats and not thermometers. Thermometers just tell you the temperature: thermostats regulate it. Our involvement should change people and places. Your face, your smile, your speech, and your actions should truly “light” up a room. I know, you are probably have Debby Boones song "You Light Up My Life" running through your head right now!
Today, think of ways you can help bring clarity and understanding to your friends and family. Enlighten others and God will enlighten you!


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