What am I Thinking? (Special Saturday Edition)

Have you ever had a dream that was just crazy? I mean so crazy that you actually woke up? On Friday, in the early am I guess my mind wanted to race to a place it had never been. I was dreaming about making a "dessert". What am I thinking? It was so vivid and I was right there in the moment like Julia Childs putting together this incredibly tasty treat! The crazy part is that it was so specific. Want to know what it was?
OK, so I had this tray of very large walnuts...the big kind that you usually just like to put in your hand and munch on. On a tray next to them I had made several little pastry dough strips which I placed together as little "+" signs. After that I placed a single huge walnut in the center of the dough and brought the edges together...made it look like a little knot...and then...just like the Tulsa State Fair...I deep fried it! You know that you can deep fry anything today! I would even get creative and place frozen chocolate pieces in before frying them! And they were delicious....and I already knew what to call this tasty treat...
WAL-KNOTS! Not sure what I am doing dreaming about things like that but maybe after our 21 day fast, I am ready to create something great out something simple! Oh boy is this going to be a great year!


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