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Be the Champion

Super Sunday is over and the champions have been honored. Congrats to the Saints and the city of New Orleans! The confetti has fallen and the city of Miami will start to detox from all of the festivities. This IS the NFL. Unfortunately in life, you have to keep on playing...everyday, all year long and there is no off-season. Paul said that we all run a race and that we should run the race in such a way as to win. To win in life, to be the champion you have to have 3 things: desire, determination and discipline.

#1 To be a champion you must have desire
You gotta have a want to. Let me say it like this: you gotta have a wanna
Great desire is to want something so bad that you can taste it. For the players on the field today, winning this game is everything. For you and I as fully devoted followers of Christ, winning in life is what counts.

J. Vernon Mcgee, a bible teacher said, “the highest desire that can possess any heart is a longing to see God”.
Run to win! Give it all that you have got. Leave it all out on the field. Use your gifts to bless people…volunteer your time to raise up strong children…be consistent with your tithes and offerings to what God is doing. Napoleon Hill said, “the starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results.” Desire the best that God has to offer and God will give you the desires of your heart!

#2 To be a champion you must have determination
If you have a wanna but no gotta then you will never getta!
Phillipians 3 Paul says it’s not like I have attained this yet or been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. He did not allow the past to keep him from moving towards the future.
I think about the kickers in this game. Through this entire season they have to go out and do what they do over and over again. When they miss, they cannot think about that because they may have to kick again soon. They forget the past and strain towards the future…this could be the kick that wins the game! Perseverance sticks to it until you get through it!

#3 To be a champion you must have discipline
Discipline is the fuel of success. To build muscle you must keep stretching it and working it. Paul said that the true competitor goes into strict training…he beats his body…add more weight…do more repetitions…discipline builds strength, stamina, and stability. You don’t just become a champion…it takes all of this. You “train yourself to be godly” 1 TIM 4:7 You make the necessary adjustments. You may need to revise your habits, change your friends…reboot your daily schedule and priorities.

D3= destiny...when you have all three in sync, you will achieve what God has purposed for you to do. Desire and determination, fueled by discipline will bring you to your destination. Be the champion you were designed to be!