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I don't own a Toyota. I have been following the news about all of the troubles they are facing. First it was the news about the gas pedals and sudden acceleration. Now they are talking about the power steering problems and veering off the road. As I listen to all of this I think about many things. I wonder how many other manufacturers have troubles but it is never publicized. As a preacher I also see some spiritual lessons in all of this. I think about how we have the same kind of troubles in our lives.
Many times I have accelerated too fast for no reason and wound up in a place that I did not want to be in but was in nevertheless. It's almost as if the speed was out of my control. I have also found myself veering off the course that I was on and losing control of my life. It becomes harder and harder to steer. The faster I go the more chance I have of veering off course.
To stop speeding away recklessly and steering off the path, I have to do what Toyota is doing. First, admit that there IS a problem. Second, bring the vehicle (my life) back to the manufacturer so that the wrongs can be made right. Only then can progress be made in the right direction, broken parts fixed, and the journey continued. Toyota needs to get back on the road to recovery again. You and I do too!
Is the Lord sending out a recall notice to you today? Perhaps you should go back to the manufacturer and let Him fix whats broken so that you can move forward again. I'm not certain that Toyota will recover but I am absolutely sure that you can! You are more than a conqueror and you will succeed. Let Him repair and restore you today!