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My Life Has a Soundtrack

Every life has a soundtrack. There is a theme; a wonderful blend of highs and lows, majors and minors all orchestrated in such a way as to let YOUR song be heard in the world. It's funny how many of those in the same genre seem to gravitate towards each other. I was thinking about my diverse musical tastes today and just how weird this mix tape I was creating was.
In November of 1977 I saw a concert in Columbus Ohio that confirmed my life's direction. That night I made a decision to pursue music as a career. The concert was...wait for it...Barry Manilow! What an incredible songwriter he was! I launched into writing the songs that made the young girls cry while spending a weekend in New England! During my college years I got to go to Oklahoma City and meet my favorite band of all time...Journey, underneath the Myriad in the private parking garage as they got out of their tour bus...what a moment! And my plethora of musical tastes was delighted as one of my college jobs was ushering at an events center where I could listen to everyone...ZZ Top, Rush, Huey Lewis, The Tubes, Garth Brooks, Lionel Ritchie and the list goes on and on.
These styles I was listening to also seemed to mirror the music that my life was writing. I sometimes found myself between a Hard Rock and a Soft Jazz place. It would be several years before I came to realize that I wasn't writing the most beautiful music. Sometimes it seemed that I was either hard of hearing or just didn't really know how to play. The music was not pretty. There was no harmony and I hit many wrong notes.
There was another track that was playing alongside of mine that was very faint as a child and seemed to get louder as I got older. My soul was touched by this music and when I listened to it, I mean really listened to it, life just seemed to go better. Not smoother, but better! I liked this much so that I put away the music I was writing and decided to only listen to His. His melodies and harmonies saved me! The one who writes my soundtrack now is Jesus Christ! And you know what? He plays the original tracks and there is no remix! He authored every note! When He plays His song through my life, people seem to be happy. They like what they hear and I like what it does to me and through me.
So what does the soundtrack to your life sound like? Are you happy with it or is it time for you to change composers too?