One Loaf

I was reading about some wonderful miracles that happened with Jesus and da boys.(his disciples) The stories are found in Mark 6 and Mark 8. Seems that great crowds of folks were gathering around to hear the teachings and they were in such a remote place that food was not available. The disciples wanted to send the people away so that they could get some food and chill. But Jesus wanted the people fed. The disciples pointed out to him that it would take many months worth of wages to have the funds to feed all of these folks. Can the church afford it? Can our treasury take the hit? Jesus said, "can the church?...YOU DO IT!" And then he asked them "how much bread do you have?" In other words, what is available right here and right now.
Two accounts: 5 loaves and two fish in one setting, 7 loaves and a few fish in the other. 5000 gathered in one and 4000 gathered in the other. Both times Jesus took what they had, gave thanks and blessed it and gave to the disciples for distribution. In both places everyone at ate till they were full. At one location there were 12 baskets of leftovers and the other 7 baskets.
After two incredible feeding frenzies like this you would think that the chosen few would have a clue. But as they left and were out on the lake in Chapter 8 it says that the disciples looked at each other and realized that they forgot to bring the bread! There was one loaf with them and Jesus used this one loaf to teach them again. He could have shook his head in amazement but he continued to help them to see the light. "Why are you so consumed by the bread? He was trying to teach them that the one loaf represent Him and when you have Him you don't need anything else. Even these forgetful students of His would continue to be blessed and prosperous because they stayed close to Him.
Perhaps you too are forgetful. Maybe you have made some mistakes, failed some tests and forgotten things that you should have learned already. The key to staying strong is to make certain you keep One Loaf with you...Jesus Christ...the bread of life! So the next time you are asked "how much bread do you have?" just remember, you have Jesus, the One Loaf and that is all you need!


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