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Come Forth!

In John 11 there is a story about a friend of Jesus...a man named Lazarus. Let me paraphrase a bit for you. Lazarus had gotten sick and died while Jesus was away. Mary and Martha were upset that Jesus did not come when they called for him because they felt that he could have saved his life. They were about to learn something that I learn everyday...Jesus' time table is not mine!
Eventually Jesus shows up, explaining that his tardiness was about to make sense and His father was about to be glorified with a miracle. Hope had dissipated as he had been buried in a tomb for 4 days. The world had given up. But not Jesus. He arrived at the tomb and told those around to roll away the stone. And then he called Lazarus by name! Lazarus...COME FORTH! What they all witnessed next had to be astonishing as this "mummy" limped out of the tomb into their presence! The crowd was amazed and while they all stood there with their jaws open, Jesus told them to unwrap him.
I am certain that many of you have dreams that you feel have been dead...much longer than 4 days and you have lost some hope. Life crept up on you and you set aside some things that you loved dearly to take care of your responsibilities. Picture Jesus calling out those things today and the dreams you thought were dead coming to life right before you. Surround yourself with some loving friends that can do what Jesus told all of these to do...unwrap what has come back to life. It may take some time to fully expose your dream but with the help of others, your friends, your family, you church, you can watch your purpose in this life live to its fullest!
Your dreams can be resurrected. Just like Lazarus! Your dreams...COME FORTH! Get ready for something special today. You are about to witness resurrection power!