A Cute Story...

The other day I attended an event for Tulsa area ministers regarding an event coming to our town. At the end of the evening, one of the gentleman stood up to close and shared a story that made me laugh all the way home. Today,let me share it with you. It's for those of you that are facing a mountain of blessings and overwhelming opportunity but seem to be stuck in neutral or afraid that you don't have what it takes to do what is required.
There was a little boy who had a chance to go visit the chocolate factory in Hershey Pennsylvania. (I've been there before so I can smell the chocolate as I share this story!) He was taken on the VIP tour which ended up in a room filled with every kind of chocolate that you could imagine! His eyes got big as saucers and his smile stretched from one ear to the other as he gazed upon this sweet, sweet mountain of chocolate. It was then that the tour guide said to him, "you can have all the chocolate that you want." After a few seconds, he said "but there is a catch." He continued, "you have to eat all of it right here in this room, you cannot take any of it with you."
Reverently the little boy removed his ball cap, bowed his head and prayed..."Lord, please give me a capacity equal to this opportunity before me!"
I have often felt like I was in over my head in many situations and I sure wish I had prayed that simple prayer! Our capacity is unlimited in God. Perhaps today you stand before a multi-million dollar deal, a new building project or home, or something that seems so magnificent but you are quite aware of the limitations you possess. You and I can ask God to give us the capacity that is equal to the opportunity. You are just smart enough to close that deal, just rich enough to purchase that home finish that building or pay off that church! With God, nothing is impossible and every knee...every thing has to bow at the name of Jesus...even chocolate!


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