Double Dip

I Peter 5:7, TLB. "Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you."
Look around you today at the faces of people. What you may see are frowns and black circles under the eyes. Unhappy stares and faces showing the signs of an incredible amount of wear and tear. Anxiety and stress are taking a toll on many people today. We worry about whether our children will be safe. we worry about whether we are going to lose our job or even our house. And we worry about whether or not people are going to like us and what we do. Each of these things has been covered by the Lord already!
The other day I was walking the dog through the neighborhood and heard an old familiar sound...the song of the little white ice cream truck. As it drove passed me I felt happy...peaceful and excited as I watched the little kids run to the next block to meet him. They were about to forget their troubles with a double dip of sweetness!
The Bible says to let Him have ALL your worries...and cares! To exchange your anxiety for His peace. How do we do that? By remembering what this verse says: He is always thinking about us and watching everything that concerns us. The Lord is an EVER-PRESENT help for each of us in any trouble. So we no longer have to be anxious about what may or may not happen. All we have to do is trust Him!
Why not trade-in your burdens today and see what it feels like to release the stress and fret not! Turn that frown into a smile. Couldn't you use a double dip of sweetness? Go ahead, it's ok to double dip! Remember that "stressed" backwards spells desserts!


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