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God Inhabits Praise

Yesterday afternoon it was a real spring day! Great weather and sunshine…I started to smile☺
I decided to go for a walk so I loaded up with music and left on my adventure.
I was listening to the music from our upcoming Easter production called “Illuminatus”. In 2006 I wrote a book called Dreams2Destiny which told a story about a man named Jairus in Mark 5. He was a synagogue ruler and had his life together in every way…that is, until his 12 year old daughter was deathly ill. The music for the play was written by several folks from The Landing Community Church and the play was birthed in my heart during Christmas of 2009. It's truly a miracle that it has come together and we will be presenting it this weekend! With God, ALL things are possible! And with some incredible people too!
As I was walking around the school that is close to my house, I remembered the scripture that says that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. That simply means that wherever His praise is, He resides. The funny thing was that the longer I walked the stronger I was feeling and my spirit man was being energized and lifted up with every step. It is exactly what the Bible tells us will happen when we listen to praise music or find ourselves in an environment where praise saturated the atmosphere. It is true that the atmosphere you permit determines the product you create.
I think that many times we get discouraged and defeated simply because of the people we are with and the places we gather at. We need to be careful where we sit and consistent where we soak! Positive people will affect you positively!
Today if you are struggling or feeling down, put on a praise CD and start moving your body. Take a walk. Place yourself in a room filled with light if you cannot get outside and see if God doesn’t show up and turn your situation around. He will illuminate you spirit so you can illuminate others!