The Sweet Spot

There are moments in your life when you can see God all around you. At The Landing yesterday I had some of those moments. During worship at our church I had the opportunity to baptize several folks. Later in that same service we had prayer time where people throughout the church wrote their struggles on a piece of paper and then came up front to nail them to a cross that was erected there for this Season of Lent. While they pounded nails into the cross a Chris Tomlin video called, “God of the City” played on the big screen.
As I watched the faces come up out of the water during baptism as new creations, washed by the water of the Word I was thrilled. As I heard the hammers pound nails in the silence of prayer I was moved to tears. As I looked upon the people with their hands lifted in praise professing that He is the God of this city I was energized to make a positive difference in my world for Christ. Every moment was a bit different. Every moment was filled with emotion. And every moment testified to the glory and power of God! All I could do was smile and say WOW, that was a special time!
I may be an idealist but I believe that if we could find our way into the sweet spot of God’s success, we can have days like this consistently. God longs to show himself to us in a variety of ways. He longs to led us, to help us succeed and to keep joy overflowing in our lives.
As we begin this week, lets ask the Lord to help us see Him in the simple things that are all around you. You may hear Him in a cry or see Him in an activity around you. Recognize where He is and you will find your sweet spot!


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