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Two Weeks

At The Landing we have been talking about a 25 year old king named Hezekiah that made a decision to bring positive change to the church. He started by establishing a covenant relationship, a mutually binding contract with God to change the way things were because he knew that it was not right the way it was. This was a time for activity, not negligence. It was time to spring forward!Today it's time to tell yourself that YOU Matter!
So how do you begin? Where do you start? What do you do?
Sometimes you don’t know what to do…you only know what not to do
*There is no better time than right now to make up your mind that things can be different in your house
*There is no better time than right now to say that a good, God-fearing marriage is possible
*No time better than now to renew your commitment to the Lord and living a life that would please him
The first thing Hez did was to get rid of all of the things that were displeasing to the Lord
We make room for His goodness by removing our garbage.
I’ve known some people that were property owners, that had more than one house and even storage facilities that housed everything that they would keep. The self-storage biz is a 20 billion dollar per year industry. Many of you know folks that are “gatherers”…they just will not throw anything away. Churches get like this too, not just with regards to the things but also with ways of thinking, procedures, policies, people.
What if our new growth was completely contingent on getting rid of some stuff? Would you act differently?

It took Hez 8 days to get the trash out of the building and 8 days to get the trash out of the people. It took only 16 days to bring about an incredible change. True cleansing starts from the inside out.
I wonder what you could do by Easter this year? You have 14 days to get garbage out of your life and make some positive changes as you spring forward. Two weeks and everything could be different! Are you willing to make the decision to begin?
Start where you are. Take a little step in a forward direction and let God meet you where you are. Two weeks and you won't be weak anymore!