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What Are You Running After?

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. It derives its name from the very fact that it was palm branches that they waved as they lined the streets awaiting Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. The atmosphere was festive…celebratory…it was a street party. It was a party that erupted on account of a miracle. Everyone was gathering to see the One who raised Lazarus from the dead!
Now this made me think of church today in the 21st century. In 2010 its seems so important to have video screens, powerpoint presentations, multiple instruments and singers and of course…lights. The more colorful and dynamic your presentation is today the more that people seem to show up at your location. Churches are erupting today. Are the modern day churches seeming to erupt the same way now that they did then? …over the manifestation of the supernatural…over the appearance of the miraculous. What are we running after? Are we are spending too much time chasing healing when we should be chasing the healer?
When we go over a movement rather than the MOVER, we set ourselves up for disappointment and worse than that we disappoint Christ. Jesus cried over Jerusalem before he rode into the palm branches and worship songs. Was he crying about the pending street party? Was he unhappy with the colt they brought to ride on? Have you ever thought about that? What makes Him sad?
I think that what makes our Lord cry is when our passion is greater for the miracle than the Miracle Giver. We should pursue His presence NOT His presents.
As we go through Holy Week, lets ask ourselves a tough question…”what am I running after?” Am I chasing after a healing when the power to heal has already been given to me by Christ? Go after Christ and you will find everything else!