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There is a different "spirit" around Easter this year. I've been going to church for many years now but I have not seen as much anticipation as I have seen this year. At The Landing we have been doing some soul-searching and getting the trash out of our lives so that the Lord can fill us up with all the things that He desires us to have. For the last month we have been writing our struggles down on slips of paper and literally nailing them to a huge wooden cross in our worship center. Last night we took off those papers and burned them up forever! Some folks cheered as they threw them in the fire, others were prayerful. Everyone was liberated.
Perhaps that is why there is anticipation because we have made some room for blessing and favor to come. Kind of like cleaning out the garage as you prepare a place to park your new car!
Are you looking forward to this Resurrection Sunday? God is up to something this year and I believe that He wants to surprise us right now when we need it the most. Today marks the day that the Lord gathered his disciples together, washed their feet, and broke bread for the final time before he would be crucified. It was the Last Supper. He was anticipating the end of His mission on earth and the beginning of YOUR life for eternity. Jesus rose from the dead and astonished hundreds of people. One day soon He will be coming back again. Are YOU ready to be astonished?