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According to Wikipedia, crucifixion is an ancient method of painful execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross (of various shapes) and left to hang until dead. Crucifixion was almost never performed for ritual or symbolic reasons outside of Christianity, but usually to provide a death that was particularly slow and painful ;hence the term excruciating. (literally "out of crucifying")
It’s hard to imagine authentic “great love” today…the kind that will lay down its life for its friends. We all seem to be so consumed with what we need and how we feel and what is best for our situation. On this Good Friday, or as some call it God Friday, take a few moments to truly capture the essence of just how much God loves YOU. So much in fact that He sent His only son to go through a particularly slow and agonizing death so that you could live a full and joyful life.
That’s the Good in Good Friday!
My prayer for all of you is that the Lord will enlighten your mind, illuminate your life and set you on a path that leads to all of His fullness and joy. As I write this on Friday and am preparing myself for Easter morning. I have one of Carman’s old songs going through my head today. It was from one of his first records and it serves as a great reminder when we reflect back upon the cross, the crucifixion and the burial.
Friday night they crucified the Lord at Calvary
But he said don’t dread
He said in three days you can even count em boys
I’m gonna be kickin’ again you'll see
When problems try to bury you and make it hard to pray
It may seem like Friday night
But Sundays on the way!