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What emotion rises in you when you see this kind of sign? On the highway it means that the road that you are on is changing. The way that you were going is no longer possible. And it usually means that not only will you go out of your way, but that you will also be late to your destination. Detour and frustration often go hand in hand.
I find myself at times wishing that life had signs like these. Unfortunately it always seems that I am in the middle of a detour and had no idea that the road had changed! What if we were so in tune with the Lord that we just went with the flow of traffic and didn't get bent out of shape when we saw this sign? What if God was changing your course to keep you from an accident or a bad patch in the road? Wouldn't that change the way you looked at this sign?
Today, trust the leading of the One that paves the way for ALL of your successes. He knows the way through the wilderness and the best way to get to the place that you need to be...right on time!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and He delights in his way". PS 37:23