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Words that Stick

“Strive not about words to no profit, but to the
subverting of the hearers”. 2 Tim. 2:14
I've been watching the words that come out of my mouth and the words that go into my ears. I have realized just how powerful words are and how they can alter my day and change my attitude. There are non-profit words and words that are fruitful. Bottom line...words stick with you.
I also believe that you need a healing word to negate every hurtful word. When someone says something negative, you and I must say something positive to cancel it keep it from sticking. Saying something full of faith out loud so you can hear it is important. Jesus said that faith came by hearing...not by just thinking about it!
Remember Peter and the three denials of Christ before the rooster crowed? It wasn't long after that when Jesus had a heart to heart with Peter(John 21) and asked him a simple question..."do you love me?". Peter said yes. Jesus asked it again..."do you love me?" "Of course I do", Peter said. Again Jesus raised the question..."Peter, do you love me?" "Lord you know I love you" was his response.
Was Jesus attempting to negate Peter's three denials with three affirmations? I think so for it was the turning point for Peter and served as a moment of clarity for him regarding his relationship with Christ.
Today, if someone puts you down, use your words to lift yourself back up. Cancel out every negative one with a positive one. Choose something that the Lord says about you and say it out loud. If a word is going to stick to you, make it a faith-filled, powerful one!