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The Fig Tree

In Matthew 21 Jesus is looking for some food and comes upon a fig tree. The Bible says that the tree had leaves on it but there was no fruit. Jesus cursed the tree. Immediately it withered and died. The disciples were amazed as they looked on. Not because the tree died, but because the decline was so quick. Too often we are fascinated by the decline when we ought to be fascinated by the divine. When the preacher falls, the politician lies, the employer goes bankrupt...all stories of decline that draw attention. Jesus used this moment to teach a life lesson. It was not about killing trees!
It was all about how to deal with the things in your life that appear to be alive but don't produce fruit. Whatever is taking up space in your life, using your time and your talents and your energy but not producing fruit, you ought to curse to death! We need to be speaking death to the things in our life that do not produce anything good and speaking life to the things that must work!
IF you have faith, THEN you can move the obstacles! IF YOU believe, you can get anything you ask for in prayer.

How can we possibly sum up this lesson-what is that important lesson we learn from the fig tree? It's all about having...

F aith
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G od