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Every once in a while the Lord dramatically interrupts my life. As I was getting ready this weekend for a work day at the church on Saturday morning, I was prompted to read more of a scripture I had taught on in a few services before. It was from Ephesians 4:17 where Paul is reminding the people not to live like unbelievers do in the futility of thinking. The greek word for futility simply means "one who has ceased to care". As I read to the end of Chapter 4 it was evident that the Lord wanted to share this Word through me with our church. I acknowledged the interruption, embraced it, and obeyed the leading that He was giving.
There are people day that are living life in the futility of their mind. Futility brings with it darkened understanding, separation from God, ignorance of God's ways, a hardening of the heart and a loss of sensitivity. What happens when we "cease to care" is that we jump on a downward escalator that leads us to abandon all that is right and good and fall prey to spiritual numbness. How do you know when things are going wrong? How can you tell if you are on the wrong road? You lose "feeling". You stop caring about the lost, the helpless, the hopeless, the homeless. And when you go numb you "give yourself over" to every kind of impurity and an insatiable appetite for more and more.
Paul reminds those in Ephesus, the church, that they were different. They learned this another way. They had the God virus and they had been infected from within and without. You are different too! As you PUT OFF your old habits , cravings and desires, God gives you new clothes to PUT ON! You and I are being made new in the "attitude of our mind". You and I are not conforming, we are being transformed!
Today, renounce the things that are stealing your joy...say them out loud. God knows what they are but you need to hear yourself say that you are done "wearing that outfit" and you are ready for some new clothes! If He interrupts you, acknowledge it, embrace it, and get dressed...we've got alot of things to do today!