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In Between

“This feels like a place between what is and might have been”
“This feels like a place between being ready and being in the way”

Two of my favorite lines from the song “Lincoln Avenue” by Train.
It’s hard to handle being stuck in the middle. When one door closes and you have not seen the new one open yet there is an uncomfortable feeling of awkwardness. When relationships end you can feel like that first lyric: you are between what is and what might have been. Would things have changed if I behaved differently. What if I would have…(insert anything here).
I have realized for me that the longer I stay someplace that I am not supposed to be the harder things get. If I move in the rhythm that the Lord is causing I seem to flow right through. But when I “get in my head” and attempt to analyze things I find myself in the middle of being ready and being in the way.
Maybe you too are in that uncomfortable place “in between”. Trusting in God and waiting upon His directive is crucial. While you wait, pray! His purpose is about to be revealed and the new door is about to open for you. You’ve come too far to go back now and you are too smart to get out ahead of God. Consider this: you are “in between” a rescue and a miracle!