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On Wednesday night I talked to our church about the ultimate search and rescue leader: Jesus Christ. I was moved by the floods that hit Nashville and so inspired by how the community was coming together. I referred to Luke 15 and how important it is to go after what is lost and pull together to rejoice when what was lost is found. Earlier this week tornadoes hit the state and impacted one of the families at the church. The message was hitting home. And then yesterday at 4:45 in the morning, 7 hours after we left our Wednesday night service, the strong winds hit our church! Part of the roof was missing and a couple dozen very old trees were broke in two. It looked like a war zone. As I drove into the lot to look at the damage, some men had already gotten together to cover up the hole in the roof and clear up some of the debris! Someone brought coffees for them and another brought breakfast and I could see the scriptures coming to life as people pulled together, thanked God for what was spared and then started to restore and repair.
When bad things happen, we can allow ourselves to be paralyzed by anger or grief, or we can jump in and do our best to make things better. The shepherd went after the one last sheep. The woman went looking for her lost coin. The prodigal son squandered his inheritance in search of himself. In all three accounts in Luke 15, something was lost: something was found: and restoration was begun!
Maybe you have lost something or someone that meant the world to you. The Lord can strengthen you to help you clear the debris and find peace in the middle of the storm. He will rescue you and throw you a party! If you call upon Him, He will answer. Seek Him and you WILL find Him! You search, He will rescue!