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Pour Your Heart Into It!

Have you ever been told by someone that what you were attempting to do was impossible? Did you abandon the idea and give up? I recently read a story about Howard Schulz, the founder of Starbucks who was told that Americans would never pay more than a dollar for a cup of coffee. As I sip my $3 latte this morning I am so thankful that he did not relinquish his dream because of the unbelief of family and friends. Here's to you Howard! In his book "Pour Your Heart Into It" he cites 4 principles that may help all of us today to be more tenacious and persevere.
1-care more than others think is wise
2-risk more than others think is safe
3-dream more than others think is practical
4-expect more than others think is possible
Note the similarities in these principles:"more than others think". Your dream is about YOU and what God has planted in YOU. He places His desires in your heart and cheers you on to explore and discover those desires and to walk towards fulfilling them. It's what brings Him glory and YOU success.
Today, try to care more, risk more, dream more and expect more than those closest to you. Rise up to another level. If you need a little boost and you have more than a buck, join me for an espresso shot! Pour YOUR heart into YOUR dream!