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Saturday Edition: Cirque Dreams Illumination

Contortionists, dancers, 1000 costumes and props and over 28 artists from all over the world, my eyes were "illuminated" and my heart hurled into "dreams" by this event that was certainly nothing like my grandpaws circus! Seeing as my non-profit organization is Dreams2Destiny and the keyword at our church is "illuminate" this year, and sometimes church can feel like a "circus", I had a feeling that this event could hit me right in the center of my soul.
There was absolutely no way to take everything in as I am only capable of visually and mentally seeing a certain number of things at once. Interestingly enough, I was not exhausted by all of the stimulating movements: I was transformed into another dimension of fantasy where everything is possible and good things happen!
From the percussion juggler that used nine balls to play drums, to the sensational water strap flyer, my heart was awakened and my eyes astonished!
Thank you Celebrity Attractions for giving this writer a chance to escape routine, encounter the unimaginable, and walk away inspired and illuminated!