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When the Enemy Comes in...

Romans 12:6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. 7If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; 8if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.
I've been thinking alot about my friends that live in Nashville and the horrific floods that crippled the city. I lived there from 1995-2000 and was overwhelmed by the kindness of people and the down home country feel of the community. I am certain that none of the people there ever imagined the river rising above flood stage and seeing Music City under water. They say that the terrible things that happen to us are not as important as how we respond to them. That can be seen very clearly in Nashville.
They understand the scripture above...they know what it means to "utilize" your gifts. God gives to each of us a measure of all of these things to be used when they are necessary. Right now for most of the city, words of encouragement and simple help is the difference in pressing through another day and rebuilding what has been destroyed. When we focus on what we have left it takes some of the sting out of what has been stolen away.
God's grace is the activator for all of these wonderful things in Romans 12. Serving, teaching life lessons, encouraging, contributing to the needs of others and being generous.Leading with mercy and great determination, with a smile on our face is what takes people through the storms and to the mountaintops! Isaiah 59:19 tells us that when the enemy comes in like a flood, God WILL raise up a standard against him. In other words, God can lift you up above the floods of adversity. You can bet on Him. Nashville will rise up better than before: beautiful, strong and "gifted"! YOU can too!