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As the Deer...

2 Samuel 22:34 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
he enables me to stand on the heights
When I think about the imagery here I see a fleet footed, graceful, deer running quickly through the woods. Whenever I am fortunate to see one in a field, I notice how quickly they move and break to the right or the left. Sometimes I wish that I had their graceful feet when I am in difficult situations so that I can make a quick cut away or a mad dash out of the difficulty and into the wide open spaces. The deer is able to move to high elevations because of those feet.
God makes us like the to climb higher and able to move suddenly and quickly in any direction. I encourage you today to be flexible. Take the high road and look at your difficulties through the eyes of the Lord. It's time to go to new heights.Now start climbing!
"As the deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you."(O Lord)