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Days of Prayer

Yesterday was declared a Day of Prayer in Louisiana as the people began to seek "other" assistance for the horrific damage occurring because of the oil spill. When you see the aerial shots of just how widespread the oil is you can see that special assistance is needed. The people have realized that mankind is not having much impact on the situation so they are turning to God. And there are some signs of this that appear to have biblical proportions...remember the plagues of the Old Testament?
My heart is thrilled that we are publicly declaring that we need some help and we are turning to God for help. Louisiana seeks a miracle. Can you imagine what would happen if "supernaturally" the oil would dissolve? If God caused it to disappear? God does promise us that when we call upon Him He would listen. But He also says there are consequences for poor decisions.
Lord bless all of the people and the business of the Gulf Coast and may your divine intervention suddenly shine upon the efforts to prevent further damage to the wildlife and the land in those areas. May you have mercy on our bad decisions and cause an expedient and efficient clean up of all that has been damaged by this mistake. Continue to touch the hearts of the people as they turn to you. May this Day of Prayer turn into days of continued prayer!!! Exchange the oil of gladness for the oil of BP!