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The DNA of a Storm Chaser

This whole month I am doing a series at The Landing called Storm Chasers! I get tired of talking to people all the time that are beaten up by the storms of life and the enemy keeps coming after them. Personally, I am ready to turn the tables on the bad stuff- to reverse the curse and start chasing the evil out of my life.
I have always wanted to be a storm chaser, in fact it is on my "bucket list". As I watch the reports and see the video footage of these incredible people I realize that they have something all of us need. Four things that I can identify in the DNA of a Storm Chaser.
#1 They are fearless
When everyone else takes cover, they take off after the eye of the storm!
#2 They are focused
They eat, sleep and breath this stuff. They are thinking about storms all of the time and that consumes their thoughts and energy.
#3 They are fanatical
They are a select group of people that go crazy when Mother Nature goes crazy!
#4 They are finishers
They pursue until its through. They keep going until the funnel returns to the clouds...until the waters subside...until the shaking is over.
Why is being a storm chaser in life so important? Because you are either going into a storm, in the middle of one, or coming out of one. Isn't it time you chased things like debt, depression and disease away? Next time you hear the siren because your life is being attacked, get your Bible and start speaking words of faith. At the end of every storm you just might see a rainbow!