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Have you ever wished that you could figure out your life puzzle more quickly? Ever have a hard time making the pieces fit? I find myself wishing at times that God gave me a longer look at the BIG picture so that I could find the right pieces to put this puzzle together! Unfortunately, He gives me what I call "glimpses of glory". Quick looks at what WILL BE if I just keep putting the puzzle together.
Our family tries to put a huge puzzle together every summer during our vacation. The puzzle has thousands of pieces and it is quite overwhelming at first. I usually take a turn and put the edges together because they are the easiest. Same thing with my life. Setting the boundaries is the easiest part for me. Trying to figure out what all goes inside is the hard part! Same with the puzzle. The inside pieces are the hardest because many of them look the same out it only fits together one way! The picture of the way it should look is always close by for reference. I like that! My brother in law, Chet, is the one who can spend hours finding each piece and he is usually there when the puzzle is complete.
Putting your life together may seem a bit tedious and somewhat overwhelming at times. Put the edges together first and then be patient. One piece at a time...just keep seeking and you will find the perfect fit. If it fits, you just can't quit!