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Relay for Life

Tonight is the annual Relay for Life event in the town our church is in in South County-Tulsa. It a celebration of life for cancer survivors and a time of remembrance for others that have battled this disease.
In high school I ran a 440 relay race. Each of the four runners had a segment to run and when it was our turn we had to time the handoff of the baton and keep the momentum going. The handoff was crucial. But if each person did what they were supposed to do and the handoffs were solid, there was a good chance that you would be very competitive and even win.
My mother has battled cancer and beat it three times. My Pastoral Care Minister's son is beating cancer as I write this blog. The Facility Manager for The Landing has beaten cancer. That leaves another spot for YOU! You can run the last segment and cross the finish line with your hands held high!
Life hands us alarming news all the time. But a doctors diagnosis has no power of a Holy Spirit healing. A relay race gets everyone involved and each person only has to do their part. No runner has to do the whole race by themselves. The race you are running is no different. You are not alone!
Get ready...get set...the baton is about to be handed off to you so that you can finish this race and win the prize!